W2103 Abstract Art: Guided Study


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Abstract Art: Guided Study
Instructor: Marlowe Emerson

This course is an individual study format for those with experience in abstract art who are looking for support in developing concepts and technique. Students will receive guidance and interaction virtually while working in their studios with support from the instructor and other student artists. Students advance their skills by working independently and receive instruction on techniques as they progress. Students should get set up in their studio or work area for the first class and have something they would like to work on, whether it's a new project or a work in progress. This course aims to help students develop their own vision and take their work to the next level. If there is no project in mind, the focus will be on examining where you are with your work and how to get where you want to be.
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February 25 – April 1
Thursdays, 6 – 8pm

6 Weeks; Intermediate to Advanced
*Materials and focus will be at the discretion of each student in this independent study format.